Bnkr Kings Evalast Barrel Cover - Stripes

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Bnkr Kings Barrel Cover

The Bunker King Evalast Barrel Cover is the toughest and longest lasting barrel blocker you will ever own! The original manufacturer of the molded Durasoft barrel cover for other companies, Bunker King tested the Evalast for over 500 shots to ensure you and others around you are safe when off the field. The soft and pliable cover fits comfortably in your pocket and stays there due to the material's grippy friction surface. Broken paint cleans out in seconds with water, and a couple of shakes will have it dry and ready for use.

Original Manufacturer Pliable Yet Tough Durasoft Material Stows In Pocket Comfortably And Stays There Fast Cleaning With Just Water Dries Instantly Unique Locking System 100% Muzzle Coverage Easy Elastic Repair Safety Tested For Over 500 Shots
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