If you are looking for paintball tanks and accessories, you have come to the right spot. We carry paintball tanks from every manufacturer in the sport and guarantee to have the best pricing. We have everything you're looking for, including 8-gram co2, 12-gram co2, standard 20oz co2 tanks, affordable 48/3000 compressed air tanks, and a vast selection of carbon fiber tanks at all different price points. 

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Paintball Tank Categories - There are 8 main paintball tank categories we stock at ANSgear.com. These paintball tank categories have everything needed to repair, replace, fix, upgrade or just buy a new tank.

1) 12 gram paintball tank category - In the 12 gram section, you will find nothing but great deals on the 12 gram CO2 cartridges. The CO2 12 grams are needed for stock class paintball, any pump gun and paintball pistols. The 12 grams are most commonly seen with paintball pistols since the guns do not come stock with a regular CO2 Tank adapter. The 12 gram CO2 cartridges get roughly 25 shots per disposable container.

2) CO2 Paintball Tanks - The CO2 paintball tanks are the least expensive way to power your paintball gun. Every paintball gun uses a gas propulsion system to generate the speed of the paintball and cycle the bolt of the gun.CO2 is the original paintball tank and now only works with some of the less expensive paintball guns. As the years have passed and technology has increased, the CO2 paintball tanks are being used less and less. They are often the only pressure system that can be refilled in remote areas..

3) Compressed Air Paintball Tanks - HPA or Compressed Air paintball tanks are the most common tank at paintball fields. These Paintball tanks have been around since the mid 90s but were only available to the select few who could actually afford them.Over the years the Compressed Air paintball tanks have greatly reduced their prices and affordable versions are an option to any paintball player.

The most basic version of HPA paintball tanks are the Aluminum version. The Aluminum paintball tanks are heavier than the others and tend to hold a smaller amount of air.The high end Compressed air paintball tanks are all carbon fiber wrapped for weight reduction and a higher shot capacity. The Carbon Fiber paintball tanks are much more expensive than the Aluminum versions, and may be worth it for consideration.

HPA Paintball tanks are better than your CO2 because you are shooting a gas as opposed to a liquid through the gun. If using CO2, the liquid can be very damaging to the paintballs causing breaks and inaccuracies. The HPA tanks have regulated pressure so you get more consistent shots which also contribute to better accuracy. Compressed Air/HPA paintball tanks are compatible with all paintball guns on the market.

4) Paintball Tank Fill Stations - Many players have to fill their own tanks so we have great deals on Paintball Tank fill Stations. We have fill stations for both CO2 and HPA tanks. If you have your own bulk CO2 tank with a siphon tube or a scuba tank, you can do cost efficient paintball tank fills at home.

5) Paintball Tank O-Rings - Good quality O-rings are critical for your paintball air system to operate. We have all the Paintball tank O-rings and regulator rebuild O-rings you need. Every player should have a stash of urethane paintball tank O-rings in their gear bag.

6) Tank Accessory & Parts - We have a complete selection of the parts and accessories you need for your paintball tank. No matter if you use CO2 or compressed air we have the burst disk, gauges, and rebuild or replacement parts you are looking for.

7) Paintball Tank Covers - Keep your tank clean and safe with a Paintball Tank Cover. A bad scratch or ding can doom your expensive compressed air tank. External damage to the bottle can compromise safety as well as cause it to fail passing a re-hydro test. You can help prevent that by using a paintball bottle cover when you play. A good cover also helps keep your marker from sliding off you shoulder while playing.

8) Paintball Regulators - The Paintball Tank Regulator is what controls the pressure going into your marker from the air tank. A good paintball tank reg will have consistent output and a fast recharge rate so your velocity and performance stays the same when rapid firing. We have a huge selection of Paintball regulators to choose from when you need to replace or upgrade yours.

9) Paintball Tank Valves - The valve on CO2 tanks will eventually wear out. We have the CO2 tank valves you need to replace your existing one.