ANSgear.com is proud to be one of the largest paintball distributors for wholesale paintball gear in the world. We carry over 99% of paintball equipment from manufacturers all over the world. ANS was established in 1991 and we have been wholesaling paintball gear for over 20 years.

With over One Million paintball items and 15,ooo paintball SKUs in stock, you can be assured we have a vast selection of wholesale paintball equipment to choose from. Set up your account today and offer your customers a huge selection of paintball gear.

If you set up a wholesale paintball account or apply to be a paintball distributor, you will have access to great pricing, the largest selection of products and great customer support. Please understand that the ANSgear.com Wholesale Paintball program is only available to paintball companies. YOU will not be setup with an account unless you are truly a paintball company. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Q: How can ANS provide the best pricing?
A: ANSgear is a large volume paintball distributor that buys in bulk. This allows us to offer you the best Wholesale Paintball prices on the market.

Q: How quickly are orders filled?
A: ANSgear takes pride in filling our Wholesale Paintball orders in a very timely manner. All orders from our paintball distributors are filled within 24-48 hours.

Q: How do I know if something is in stock?
A: All items listed on the site are in stock and ready to ship out as long as they do not mention Pre-Order status.

Q: What are our payment terms?
A: ANSgear offers payment through Visa, Master, Discover and PayPal.

Q: What type of shipping options are offered?
A: For US customers, we offer USPS for light items and all FedEx services for larger orders. Our international customers can choose from USPS international as well as all FedEx international services.

Q: If I setup an Paintball Distributor or Wholesale Paintball Account can I drop ship?
A: Yes, we offer drop shipping free of charge to all of our dealers. Standard shipping rates will still apply.

Q: Do you offer international distribution?
A: Yes, we offer wholesale paintball accounts to every continent and every country. Due to our contractual obligations with some manufacturers, some product selections may not be available.

Why To choose ANSgear as your paintball distributor or wholesale paintball supplier.

- ANS takes care of our wholesale paintball customers
- We have great prices for every paintball distributor we setup
- We have great expert knowledge in paintball to be the best paintball distributor for your company.

In order to setup a dealer account with ANSgear, please contact us at wholesale@ansxtreme.com or at 805-522-8700. All new Wholesale paintball accounts will take between 3-5 business days after turning in all of your required information.

Note: Due to contractual obligations, some of our international customers may not receive wholesale paintball pricing from a select few manufacturers.