Bob Long "MVP" Marq Victory Pump Paintball Gun - Red w/ Black

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Bob Long Marq Victory Pump
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Bob Long "MVP" Marq Victory Pump Paintball Gun

The Bob Long MVP Pump Paintball Gun has raised the bar on what a serious pump paintball marker should be! Bob Long used the engine from one of the hottest tournament markers to design this precision marker, paying special attention to every component of the pump stroke. By relocating the regulator into the grip, the Marq Victory Pump has no need for external air hoses. The result is the most consistent, smoothest shooting and compact pump paintball marker on the market. The Bob Long MVP Pump is the top choice of the hardcore pump player.

Based on the Marq Victory engine Bearing guided pump rail Internal air line hose free design On/ off ASA Self-lubricating brass internals 14 inch barrel Clamping feed neck Spring kit
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