Dangerous Power Fusion FX Package Kit 3

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Dangerous Power Fusion FX Gun Package
The long awaited FX finally takes a stand and delivers dangerous and cutting edge technology to the Fusion series. The Fusion X takes a prideful stand and fierce introduction for the new decade! Through intricate design and development, the Fusion series conjures powerful attributes making it a new class of Dangerous Power markers. From superior quality, the FXs newly designed internals ensure dominating performance. The slim striker systems compact performance aims to deliver efficiency and accuracy. The lightweight body and internals ensures quick mobility for a fast response time. The OLED micro-switch board is capable of programming tournament modes and much more. The Fusion X grasps the balance of raw power, accuracy, and mobility all at an affordable price. This package kit includes: Dangerous Power Fusion FX Paintball Gun PMI Pure Energy Aluminum 48/3000 Basic Tank - High Pressure Output Jt Flex Spectra Thermal Paintball Mask Invert Too Paintball Hopper - Matte Black Gen X Global Fuzzy Barrel Swab Warrior Paintball Squeegee
2010 Dangerous Power Fusion Custom OLED Board Reversible Double Trigger To fit Your Style Ultra Lock Clamping Feed Neck 2010 Dangerous Power Fusion Custom Lightweight Milling Two Piece Ported Barrel RAPS Lever On/Off ASA
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