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DerDer Paintball DVD
Dynasty, Damage and Russian Legion... the only teams to make it to the finals in 2011. We covered the entire year and sat down with some of the top players in the world to get their perspectives of what went down. Our cameras have been blasted and covered in paint, but the final result is one of the best DVDs we've ever put together. 2011 PSP Event coverage: Galveston Open Chicago Open New Jersey Open World Cup Interviews by: Yosh Rau, Justin Rabackoff, Nicky Cuba, Shane Colby, Bryan Bortol, Dan Holliday, Greg Siewers, Archie Montemayor, Chad Busiere, Zack Patient, Tim Propst, Colt Roberts, and others. DVD Run Time: 67 minutes BONUS FEATURES: The BluRay and the DVD also includes both Short Bus Episode 10 and Short Bus Episode 11
Run Time: 67 Minutes
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