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DerDer Paintball DVD
Derder Dementia features 12 balls a second flying at over 200 mph and Race to 7 points. Yet, it's not a game of speed and accuracy. It's a game of mind and discipline . You get knocked in the head, the neck and the back. Your team is under constant stress and time constraints in the pit. Your coach is screaming, the crowd cheering. Those that can handle the tremendous pressure are the ones that prove to be victorious. Progressing with the sport for 7 years, the Derder Dementia DVD professional paintball coverage with their own editing style and aggressive soundtrack. DEMENTIA includes commentary from 20 top professionals, as well as some of the best footage ever captured on a field. Overall, the Derder Dementia DVD is a great movie for any skill of paintball player.
2009 PSP EVENTS PHOENIX CHICAGO MAO WORLD CUP Derder Dementia DVD BONUS FEATURES Short Bus Episode 7 (run time approx. 18 min.) Super 7 Masters 2009 Super 7 2010 Event #1 RAZA Commercials Bunker Insurance Commercial
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