DLX Freak XL V2 All American 15" Complete Barrel Kit w/ Multicolored Inserts - Autococker Threaded

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Product Description

Your choice of FREAK front, barrel threads & BOREMASTER kit.

The FREAK XL inserts offer a full 8-inch control bore which is expertly honed from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and available in a complete range of bore sizes:

.678, .680, .682, .684, .686, .688, .690, and .692.

Like the original FREAK, FREAK XL inserts are color-coded with a durable low-friction hard anodized finish and laser engraved for quick identification.

Bring it

The full FREAK XL barrel kit gives you everything you need to dominate the field, along with a durable case to carry everything.

The full kit from FREAK gives you 8 bore sizes to match the majority of paintballs on the market. Combine this with your choice of barrel front and back.

Be Ready


Borematch your paint, choose a barrel thread and tip - you are always prepared when you have your FREAK.

The FREAK gives you an advantage in competition by adapting to any situation.

8 Inches of Power

Availible in both stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum, the FREAK control bore acts as the "acceleration zone" for your paintball. By trapping air behind the ball, you get maximum power from the air released by your marker.

With decades of testing and feedback from players - FREAK offers two optimized bore lengths - 5" and 8" XL.

Choose 8" XL to maximize consistency, accuracy and efficiency. Keep the air behind the ball longer, allowing for full acceleration.

Ball Is Compressed - TIGHT

Too much of a good thing can hurt performance.

Compression of the ball is not desired and may result in ball breakage, velocity or efficiency loss.


The correct fit occurs when the widest point of paint catches in the bore, and the rest of the ball makes light contact.

With good paint and conditions - correct fit gives the best accuracy, efficiency and sound.


Slightly over-bore if paint might expand during play, for example, during hot or humid conditions.

EXTREMELY brittle paint can also benefit from a looser bore match - to prevent barrel breaks.


Low quality paint and/or extreme conditions may require a loose fit to minimize friction. This will minimize breakage, but may decrease efficiency.

A loose paint-to-barrel match that's too big will also reduce accuracy. Even when over-boring, you will want to keep it close.

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