Dynasty Dysected DVD Volume 2 Paintball Movie

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Dynasty Dysected Paintball DVD
When 5 time world champions Team Dynasty decided to produce an addition to their critically acclaimed "Dynasty Dysected" instructional series they wondereed how they might out do "Dynasty Dysected Volume 1", which is regarded as the best paintball instructional DVD ever made. The answer was simple. What does the best paintball team in the history of the sport do to stay on top? Join Team Dynasty in "Dynasty Dysected Volume 2" as they take you through their very own training regiment that has made them world champions time and time again. In this DVD Team Dynasty will share with you drills, theories, and practices that can realistically be discussed and applied over a standard 2 day practice. Also included is an in depth interview with JT USA's Chuck Hendsch about navigating sponsorship and a complete segment with athletic trainer Phaen Pittman on Team Dynasty's workout regiment. "We just decided the next best approach to instructional training would be to document our very own 2 day practice. This is what we do every weekend and we have multiple World Championship titles to prove that it works". -Ryan Greenspan, Team Dynasty.
Dysected 2 Covers: Running and shooting Diving and sliding Dodge Ball One on One Snake movement Cone drills Paintball theory Creating game plans Sponsorship Back, front, and mid player walkthroughs Fitness training with Phaen Pittman In depth "tricks of the trade" from your favorite team
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