Empire BT-4 Slice G36 Sniper Package

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BT-4 Tactical Package

Stalking within range of your opponent…

Target in your sights as you squeeze the trigger…

That’s what being a paintball sniper is all about! There are few thrills in woodsball that equal the satisfaction of taking out an opponent with that one skillfully aimed shot, and to do that you need the perfect paintball sniper marker. The Empire BT Slice G36 Sniper Package was created to give you the best tool for the job. The base of this scenario sharpshooter is the BT Slice G36 paintball marker that is decked out like real H&K’s. The G36’s short, crisp trigger pull, reliable performance, and light weight make it perfect for sniper players. Completing the Empire BT Slice G36 Sniper Package is a Custom Products 20” Sniper Barrel, precision machined from high-grade aluminum for both a mirror-smooth internal finish and intimidating flash suppressor look. The extra length and porting of this barrel quiets the sound signature and allows you to slip the muzzle through bushes and cover, taking sneaky shots well behind cover and concealment. The 30mm Red Dot Sight provides a clear sight picture with an adjustable intensity red dot for a perfect aiming point, and the 45 Degree Offset Sight Rail sets the sight for mask clearance when you cheek down to the stock.

The Empire BT Slice G36 Sniper Paintball Marker... It’s ready to surgically remove opponents, are you?

BT Slice G36 Sniper Paintball Marker Package includes:

  • Empire BT Slice G36 Paintball Marker
  • Custom Products 20" Sniper Barrel
  • 30mm Red Dot Sight
  • 45 Degree Offset Sight Rail

Authentic H&K G36 styling Slice hinged body system opens for easy maintenance Tool-less field stripping Folding stock, perfect for Close Quarters Battle Top Picatinny rail for carry or accessories Front and rear fold-down sights APEX ready barrel Drop-in upgrade for Electronic Grip T-Handle cocking action
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