Empire Reloader B & Halo B Freeway Anti Jam Upgrade Kit (38936)

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Empire Freeway Anti Jam Upgrade Kit
The New Halo Freeway Anti Jam Kit works with all Halo B, Empire Reloader, and Magna Loaders. The New Halo Freeway will keep your loader from Jamming. New anti jam technology that will limit jamming in your loader. A simple drop in replacement for your anti jam beads and spring. The Halo Freeway is a flexible piece is very gentle on paint and will allow balls to flow freely around your loader. The Empire Freeway Anti Jam will fit the following loaders: Halo B, Halo B V35, Empire B, Empire B2, and Empire Magna Drive. Our overall opinion of the Halo Freeway Anit Jam kit is that it is a great upgrade for the price. Anyone who is serious about paintball knows that the 9.95 you spend now will keep you in the game longer later.
Halo Freeway works great with all paintballs Halo Freeway works great with reballs Halo Freeway is easy to install Halo Freeway works with all Halo B, Empire Reloader and Empire Magna Loaders Halo Freeway is a must have accessory
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