Home Defense Kit 4 w/ PepperBalls® - Planet Eclipse Emek EMF 100 - Black

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PepperBall Home Defense Kit 4

Planet Eclipse EMEK MF100

The Home Defense PepperBall Kit 4 comes with:

4x PepperBall Inert Practice Projectiles (10 Rounds)

1x Warrior Aluminum Air Tank - 13/3000

Gamma Core Drivetrain Spool Valve Operation MagFed And Hopper Fed Configurations PAL Enabled (In Hopper-Fed Configuration) Includes PAL Feedneck And Blanking Mag Includes Drop Stock Adaptor Includes 1 x DYE DTM 5+5 Magazine Includes Eclipse Spring And Follower Upgrade Kit Hoseless Air Transfer System 135PSI Operating Pressure ST1 Bolt Toolless Detent Access GRN Construction SL4 Inline Regulator Shaft 4/5 Compatible 14.5" Two-Piece Barrel POPS ASA Battery Free Playing Experience Compatible With Eclipse PWR Stock Compatible With MOE™ Rail Panels Compatible With DYE DTM Magazines CQB And Carbine EMC Rail Configurations
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