Dye I5

If you have been waiting and anticipating a new google in the Dye paintball mask lineup then look no further than the all new Dye I5 Paintball Mask. The I5 is more aggressively designed and offers more protection that previous models. More ventilation for better than ever breath-ability which also leads to less chance of the lens fogging up. The Dye I5 is also a more comfortable mask with a great quality foam that contours and molds to your face. The ear system is re designed to offer better than ever safety as well as enhanced sound processing. All of these great new features bring the DYE I5 Mask to the top of the pile.

For anyone into technology, the Dye I5 is e.VOKE technology compatible. In the near future Dye will be releasing Dye M2 with e.VOKE software as well as R2 technology and a drop in e.VOKE mask system that will all sync and communicate together.