Apex Paintball Pods

Introducing the HK Army Apex Pods which were engineered with cutting-edge features and manufactured with super durable materials. These pods offer unparalleled reliability and performance.


  • -          Contoured Pod with enhanced geometry which makes inserting the pod into a harness holster much easier
  • -          Interior lid pad reduces rattling and better secures paintball without breaking the paintballs when closing the lid
  • -          Extra Secure lid system protects accidental openings while running, diving or removing the pod from your harness
  • -          Sleek, contoured surface geometry greatly reduces friction with pod ejection and insertion
  • -          Robust low-profile hinge system with torsion spring for a reliable, near-instant lid release
  • -          Anti-slip, groove-textured construction ensures a firm grip while pulling the pod from harness or reloading
  • -          Holds up to 150 paintball round capacity

With a capacity of up to 150 paintball rounds, the HK Army Apex Pod ensures that you stay in the game longer without the need for frequent reloads. Say goodbye to downtime and dominate your gun battles with quick, high-capacity refills that keep you one step ahead of the competition.

The Apex Pod was Designed with your convenience in mind, the exterior of the Apex Pod features an anti-slip grip texture and strategically placed raised detailing. This guarantees a secure hold, preventing your hands from slipping. No more fumbling or losing your grip when you are in the middle of a serious gunfight.

One of the coolest features of the HK Army Apex Pod is its specialized contour design. The enhanced geometry of the pod's top make this the easiest pot ever to get loaded in you harness holster. Gone are the days of struggling to fit the pod into place, as this innovative design make it super simple.

The interior of the Apex Pod is just as impressive. Equipped with an interior lid pad which minimizes rattling and secures your paintballs without causing any damage. Closing the lid is a smooth and the lid locking system will keep you from dumping pods while running, diving or sliding.

Keeping pod lids closed when running or diving is one of the most frustrating things about a pod. The Apex Pod has it covered. Its super secure lid system provides protection against accidental openings, whether you're sprinting, diving, or removing the pod from your harness. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your paint will stay in the pod.

Crafted with a sleek and contoured surface geometry, the Apex Pod offers exceptional ease of use. Friction during pod ejection and insertion is significantly reduced, allowing for seamless reloading. These are also great for players playing large games and want a pod that is easy to get back into their harness.

Durability is a key aspect of the Apex Pod's design. Featuring a robust low-profile hinge system equipped with a torsion spring, this pod ensures a reliable and near-instant lid release. No more delays or frustration when accessing your paintballs – the Apex Pod delivers swift and efficient performance.