Virtue Spire

Check back for more information on the Virtue Spire Paintball Loader. The Virtue Spire loader is a culmination of all of the prior product development at Virtue Paintball. The technologies used from the Virtue upgrades and products over the past few years are reflected in this new Virtue product line, code-named "Spire". Virtue is selecting 5 players to make up their Elite 5. As one of 5 Elite Sponsored players, you will receive one of the top secret Virtue Spire Loader (as well as some other Virtue sponsorship items) on the day of it's launch. In a sense, each of the Elite 5, will be the first players in the world to get their hands on a production model of the new Virtue Spire Paintball Loader. Virtue will notify the Elite 5 in approximately 8 weeks. Expected Information Regarding the Virtue Spire - The Virtue Spire should be weighing in at just over 1 pound. - The Patent Pending Virtue Spire will have a 90 Day Warranty, - Running off of 3 AAA batteries, you can expect to shoot about 15,000 rounds - The capacity of the Virtue Spire is roughly 200 rounds.

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