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Planet Eclipse EMEK

Planet Eclipse is offering an even wider variety of markers than most, with the introduction of a fully mechanical entry level gun that won't break the bank. At the heart of the EMEK paintball gun is the Gamma Core drivetrain that provides a smooth shot. The frame contains a hinge style single trigger that has a light and smooth trigger pull. Shooting the EMEK paintball gun is a ton of fun and gets beginners into the game with an unrivaled shot at this price point.

The Eclipse EMEK 100 is a mechanical paintball marker that is designed and built to survive any battle scenario. Game after game, week after week, month after month... it won’t ever let the player down. So they can focus on the most important thing - playing paintball and having fun with their buddies.

The EMEK mechanical paintball gun is based off of the Etha 2 and is made up mostly of composite materials to help keep the cost low.

*NOTE* Please understand that the Etha 2 EMC kit fits the EMEK but you will need to remove the front half of the barrel shroud if you plan to use the stock barrel. *NOTE*

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Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Paintball Gun

The Eclipse EMEK 100 is a mechanical paintball marker that is designed and built for any battle scenario. Based off the Etha 2 and is made up mostly of composite materials gives players great performance and incredible value. Shooting the most brittle of paint, providing smooth shoots in any environment, the Gamma Core shines bright. The EMEK is easy to clean, maintain and use, provided with a built-in safety switch and fits most EMC kits.

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Planet Eclipse EMC Rail Mounting Kit

The Eclipse Modular Components Kit allows you to adapt your EMEK 100 to virtually any environment and play style. The EMC kit comes standard with 12 and 6 o'clock rails and supports additional 9, 7, and 5 slot picatinny rai lsections. This kit allows you to attach lasers, flashlights, foregrips, cameras, and any other rail mounted accessories.

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Warrior Tactical Ported Barrel

The Warrior Tactical Ported Barrel provides increased accuracy and is available in 14", 16" and 20" lengths. The tip flares out and features a ported muzzle break design for an aggressive appearance. Barrels are usually the first upgrade for any paintball gun as they increase the accuracy of your marker and the Warrior Tactical Ported barrel looks good while doing so.

Tough GRN construction Easy to clean, maintain and use Industry-leading Gamma Core bolt system Built-in safety switch feature EMC compatible Mechanical operation - no batteries needed
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