Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100 (PAL Enabled) Mag Fed Paintball Gun - HDE Earth w/ 6 Additional (20 Round) Magazines

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Planet Eclipse EMEK MF100

Upgrade Kit

Turn Your Basic MF100 Into This for $29.95

The Warrior Ultimate MF100 Package kit includes a 20mm Laser Site, Angled Foregrip Kit, Tactical Folding Foregrip, One Point Tactical Sling, 20mm Red Dot Site, Steel Picatiny Sling Mount and 6 Point Colapsible Stock. This kit is what your gun needs to turn heads on the field To pruchase the Warrior MF100 Ultimate Gear package and Emek MF100, you must add both items to your cart.

Planet Eclipse EMEK MF100

Gamma Core Drivetrain Spool Valve Operation MagFed And Hopper Fed Configurations PAL Enabled (In Hopper-Fed Configuration) Includes PAL Feedneck And Blanking Mag Includes Drop Stock Adaptor Includes 1 x DYE DTM 5+5 Magazine Includes Eclipse Spring And Follower Upgrade Kit Hoseless Air Transfer System 135PSI Operating Pressure ST1 Bolt Toolless Detent Access GRN Construction SL4 Inline Regulator Shaft 4/5 Compatible 14.5" Two-Piece Barrel POPS ASA Battery Free Playing Experience Compatible With Eclipse PWR Stock Compatible With MOE™ Rail Panels Compatible With DYE DTM Magazines CQB And Carbine EMC Rail Configurations
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