Planet Eclipse Exalt Paintball Cleats - Black/Green

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Planet Eclipse Paintball Cleats

The Planet Eclipse Exalt Paintball Cleats are a collaboration between two of the most progressive companies in paintball. The Planet Eclipse Paintball Cleats are designed with the paintballer's needs in mind. The shoe is lightweight yet flexible for explosive bursts of speed. The sole accepts 7 spikes forward and 3 spikes on the heel, and includes two sets each of turf and dirt/ grass spikes for optimal performance. The molded side and toe nubs give traction when fast crawling through the snake. In addition to the high-quality T-Handle spike tool is a shoe bag to keep your grungy cleats off the rest of your gear when loading up your gear bag after play.
Cushioned soles for comfort Flexible grip for excellent grip & traction Complete with both turf studs and grass spikes Shoe bag
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