T4E .50 Cal P2P HDP Home Defense Pistol - Orange/Black (2292131)

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T4E HDP 50 Pistol

Our Home Defense Pistol is a reliable friend. Dangerous situations can’t be predicted, and that’s what makes the HDP 50 so indispensable. Load the six hefty .50-caliber projectiles into the tube magazine under the barrel and push the CO₂ capsule securely into the grip. Then pierce the capsule with a light blow at the bottom of the grip and the pressure indicator will show that you’re ready to fire. The HDP 50 is distinguished by a hardly noticeable recoil and an easy-to-use fiber optic front sight. If you drop the gun inadvertently, the trigger blade safety ensures that it won’t fire.

***NOTE*** This item CANNOT ship to California, District of Columbia, New York or Massachusetts. ***NOTE***

*NOTE This item is RESTRICTED in Canada and cannot be shipped to Canada. NOTE*

Caliber: .50 Power Source: 12g CO2 Ammo: Pepper Balls, Rubber Balls, Powder Balls Magazine Capacity: 6 Rounds Velocity: 375fps (108mps) Barrel Length: 4in. (10.2 cm) Weight: 1.5lbs. (0.68 kg) Includes: 10x Pepper Balls 10x Rubber Balls 1x Cleaning Squeegee

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