Tokyo Marui AK Beta Spetsnaz AEG Airsoft Gun

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Airsoft Electric Rifle
A short tactical version of the rugged AK47, the Spetsnaz sports a shortened barrel and fore-grip with RIS rail for accessories. Cycling the metal charging handle is pure music. Metal parts include stock, barrel assembly and compensator, magazine, bolt, trigger, firing selector and stock iron sights. Metal sling mounts allow attachment of sling. Accommodates a large battery in the Fixed stock. Comes with newly designed 250 high capacity magazine that's shorter than the regular AK47 magazine! Black composite stock and grips add a tactical look. Metal flash hider screws off to reveal counter-clockwise 14mm thread for attachment of silencer (not included). The threaded barrel allows installation of a counter-clockwise threaded silencer which you can find in our silencers section. Installation of a scope is also possible through the installation of a JUST scope mount. And for maximum firepower, consider getting a 600 round high capacity magazine.
Hop-Up: ADJUSTABLE Weight: 2,700 g Length: 710 mm Capacity: 250 rds Power: 265 fps Motor: EG700 Battery Size: Large Shooting Mode: SEMI, FULL AUTO
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