ANS Complete Colored O-Ring Kit 5x Rebuild (Box) - SP Shocker RSX (ZYX-0400)

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Your marker can fire thousands of rounds every week, puts up with the beating of countless rainy Sundays, and withstands a number of slides through the dirt and mud. Through all of this, you still expect your marker to perform week in and week out. A small bit of maintenance is key to ensuring that your marker functions and performs at its best. One major aspect of marker maintenance is replacing your o-rings. The o-rings in your marker wear down over time by withstanding thousands of cycles along with coming in contact with dirt/debris. Our kits provide an easy and inexpensive way to keep your marker in top shape by swapping out your o-rings.
005 - On/Off Pin
006 - Regulator Pin
007 - ASA to Frame
008 - Solenoid Manifold Assembly
010 (x2) - Bolt Guide Rear
010 (x3) - Regulator Bottom
012 - Regulator Spring Retainer
012 - Regulator Top
013 - Bolt (Front)
014 - Firing Can Cap (Inside)
014 - Regulator Piston
014 (x2) - Regulator Top & Bottom
015 - Bolt (Middle)
016 - Bolt (rear) [or 017]
017 - Bolt (rear) [or 016]
016 - Firing Can (Inside)
017 - Firing Can Cap (Outside)
019 (x3) - Firing Can (Outside)
019 (x3) - Rear Firing Can
2x1mm - Manifold To Body Assembly
2.5x1mm - Solenoid Manifold Assembly
3x1mm (x4) - Solenoid Manifold Assembly
4x1mm - Manifold To Body Assembly
4.5x1mm - Solenoid Manifold Assembly
18x3mm - Firing Can (Front)

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