ANS Complete O-Ring Kit 5x Rebuild (Box) - Defiant 2

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ANS O-Ring Rebuild Kit

All of our o-rings meet Military (MIL) specifications as well as surpass other benchmarks. We are confident that you are receiving the highest quality product on the market. This kit includes all of the o-rings you need to do a full rebuild five times (other rebuild quantities available). Our kits include the o-rings for your marker's firing assembly, and regulator(s); as well other o-rings you may need to replace on your marker. Don't be fooled by our competition who may only sell you o-rings for part of your marker. Note: Picture is for illustration purposes only and may not be exactly what you receive. You will receive the correct O-ring kit for your marker as indicated in the product name.
006 (x2) - Regulator Seat Washer 006 - Ram Bumper 010 - HPR Brass Nut 010 - LPR Brass Nut 011 - Ram Rear 011 (x2) - Ram Sleeve Cap 011 (x2) - LPR Piston 012 - Ram Front 112 (x2) - Valve Front 113 - ASA Receiver 113 - HPR Piston 015 (x4) - LPR Housing 015 (x3) - Ram Sleeve (Encapsulated) 015 - Valve Base 015 - ASA Thread Base 118 - HPR Lower End
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