ANSgear 5 Star Items



At ANSgear, we love the sport of paintball and truly appreciate the best gear on the market. Companies are constantly innovating their products and delivering better and better gear to the market.


To acknowledge specific products in paintball, we are awarding the ANSgear 5 Star Product Awards. The ANSgear 5 Star Product Award is only given out to a select number of products on the market that we think are so great that we will put our name behind it.


Feel comforted that if you see a product that has received an ANSgear 5 Star Product Award, it will be top notch and never let you down.


We only assign the ANSgear 5 Star Product Award to a very limited number of items. Most products that are released within 1-2 months will not qualify as they have not been rigorously tested in the market. The qualifications taken into account to reward a product with the ANSgear 5 Star Product Award are:


Product Durability - A 5 star product must be very durable and rugged. That means it is truly the best of the best in terms of quality, materials and the amount of abuse it can take.


Product Performance - For a product to get an ANSgear 5 star award the product must outperform other products in the same field.


Product Reliability - The product has to be up and running the majority of the time with very little maintenance or work.


Manufacturer Product Support - If there is ever a problem with a 5 star item, know that the manufacturer will bend over backwards to make sure they fix the problem.


Product Price - The price has to be comparable or lower than the competition while outperforming others.


Product Track Record - A 5 star product will never be a brand new item since there is just not enough history. An ANSgear 5 star product must have a very good and reliable track record.


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