Empire Apex 2 3-In-1 Adjustable Barrel Kit - Spyder/TippmannA5/98

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The APEX2 Barrel System has again redefined how paintball is played. The new stealth look of the APEX2 Barrel will provide you with unmatched distance and accuracy enabling you to hit targets that you thought were unhittable before. The adjustable ramp switch now comes with 9 levels of control to customize your level of curve and spin, from no spin to unbelievable. The APEX2 also allows you to disassemble the barrel without tools for easy maintenance.

The APEX2 like the original APEX barrel can still produce long ball distance shots, shots that "drop down from the heavens", left and right curve balls, and with its re-designed internal section allow for longer- flatter trajectory shots with the twist of the barrel. Opponents can run but can't hide with the new APEX2 from Empire Battle Tested.

*NOTE*The APEX2 3-In-1 starts out as a 12" Spyder threaded APEX2 Barrel. It then converts into a 13 1/2" Tippmann A5 threaded barrel with the addition of an adapter. With the addition of the final adapter, the APEX2 Barrel will convert into a 15" Tippmann 98 threaded barrel. (NOTE: The A5 adapter must be attached in order for the 98 adapter to work. All lengths and thread types are set and can not be changed)*NOTE*
Adjustable ramp switch for desired level of curve Nine adjustment spin positions to hit your target, including spin Durable aluminum construction Tool less disassembly for easy maintenance Left and right hook, drop shot, and long flat trajectory shots with the twist of the barrel
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