ASG Storm 360 Airsoft Grenade - Phosphorus (19344)

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Product Description
Airsoft BB Grenade

The new Phosphorescence STORM 360 features an all new illumination shell that when exposed to sunlight or direct light from a flashlight will glow with a green tint, making the STORM grenade easier to find when deployed in low light situations.

Clear a room, disperse the opposing team and strike fear in the heart of you enemies.

The Storm 360 is a reusable grenade. That is easy to use and reliably fires up to 160 BBs when it impacts with walls or the ground. Its rotation effect disperses the BB in all directions up to 10m (32.8 feet) away. It is made mostly of nylon, making it robust and light. Its realistic size allows it to fit into a grenade pocket.

It can be reloaded quickly when using a speed loader, thanks to a conveniently placed fill valve.

Mag. Capacity: 160 Rounds Weight: 275gr/0,6lb
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