Atomic Pickle Industries ATOM6 Reusable Projectiles (100 Pack) - Green

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Reusable Paintballs

ATOM6 v2.0 projectiles are ready for fun and they're reusable! Grab your paintball gun and enjoy the only paintball compatible projectiles that you can safely use indoors at home! Setup snap shooting drills or play a game of 1-on-1 or team vs team. You can even repel indoor drones or send Nerf attackers running for cover and much more. For use with .68 paintball guns with dual detents (aka ball latches). These are the small structures in the breech that hold the projectile in place. ATOM6 work best with gravity fed hoppers. Electronic loaders can be used with varying success. Adjusting torque settings lower can increase reliability. Approved eye protection required for everyone within range. Play safe and have fun!
100 CT Latest v2.0 High-Velocity Indoor Reusable Projectiles Play in your Living Room with a Paintball Gun - Won't Damage Drywall Use with .68 Paintball Guns - Dual ball detents recommended & turn off electronic eyes Train & play at home!

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