Azodin KDIII Heavy Gunner Paintball Gun Package Kit

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Azodin KDIII Gun

The KD-III With the already reliable Stacked tube blowback(STBB) platform and utilizing the revamped Zero-D low-pressure system, KD-III is now even more air efficient and higher consistency in every shot. The tool-less ZeRO-D system is now directly threaded onto the body for easier maintenance and reliability.

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Azodin KDIII Paintball Gun

The flagship marker from Azodin is the KDIII. The KDIII comes with all the bells and whistles one could ask for in a paintball gun. Standard features include a 14” two-piece barrel, adjustable clamping feed neck, rock steady inline regulator, on/off bottom-line ASA and zero system. The two-piece 14” barrel provides exceptional accuracy. A single trigger frame reduces high rates of fire and helps you

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Empire X-Ray Single Mask

Empire’s X-Ray mask is a great goggle that provides the protection and comfort you need for all levels of paintball players. Dual density goggle foam provides exceptional comfort for all day wear. A visor provides shade and protection for your eyes and can be removed quickly and easily if needed. The X-Ray comes standard with a single pane anti-fog lens that prevents fogging in almost all conditions. A chin strap is also included to comply with tournament rules.

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Warrior Deluxe Tactical Vest

Large vest with padding and lots of accessories. Adjustable Velcro shoulder straps have padding to provide comfort, as well as d-rings to hang accessories. Small chest pouch available to store an assortment of accessories as well as a pull-down ID flap. Lower front has a zipper that opens an open pouch to store a larger assortment of accessories. Also available are three slots that can be used to store various accessories from paintball grenades, magazines, 100 round paintball pods. 140 paintball pods are too large to fit in slots. On the outside you have access to slotting for shotgun shells, or 10 round tubs, CO2 cartridges, or whatever else you can fit. The bottom of the vest has loops that allow you to hang a belt or drop leg holster. Making our way to the back of the vest, the top of the vest has some padding for protection. In addition, another zipper pouch for added accessories. The bottom provides a harness set up. Four pod slots and two elastic loops, for a total capacity of 6 pods. A tank pouch available in case you wanted to relocate your air supply and run a remote line, increasing your mobility. Interestingly, these lower sections can be removed and customized to your preferred playing style.

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20oz Empire CO2 Tank

The Empire 20oz CO2 bottle holds 20 ounces of CO2 and is constructed of aluminum. These bottles are reusable and can be filled as many times as needed. Empires 20oz tank uses a pin valve system and standard tank threads. On an average paintball marker, a 20-ounce tank will give you approximately 800 - 1000 shots per fill. CO2 tanks have a 10-year life span and must be hydrotested every 5 years. These tanks will have a date stamped on it to signify when it was manufactured. All CO2 tanks are empty when shipped.

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Warrior Deluxe Remote w/ Quick Disconnect

This Deluxe Remote Kit comes with the essentials to get your paintball tank off your gun and onto your pack or vest. Warrior’s quick disconnect coil is tough and pressure rated to work with all Compressed Air and Co2 tanks. Its flexible line allows you to maneuver even through the toughest terrain. This 4500 PSI Coil is simple to use and Features an On Off Tank Air source adapter (piece tank screws into) as well as a reducer with quick disconnect (piece that screws into marker).

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HK Army HSTL Pods

HK Army HSTL Pods hold 150 rounds of .68 caliber paintballs. Paintballs can be seen through the translucent pod once filled. These are designed with an ergonomic feel for superior grip, form, and function when needed. HSTL pods are made of a strong plastic from the top to bottom, allowing them to handle the most rugged of terrains. The exterior is textured for superior grip.

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Warrior Basic Loader

This loader is extremely durable and rugged, allowing it to take a serious beating while operating perfectly. This fits perfectly into any standard feedneck and loads paintballs into your marker using a gravity fed system. The loader easily holds 200 .68 caliber paintballs which allows you to start off with plenty of paint to get those first kills. When needing to reload, just pop the quick flip lid and the spring assist will keep the lid open for an easy refill. Requiring no battery, this loader feeds one ball at a time with the force of gravity and works best with non-electric paintball guns.

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Warrior Pull Through Squeegee

Warrior Squeegee is made from high quality rubber material to help keep your paintball gun clean of broken paint inside your barrel. Barrel must be removed from gun first before attempting to pass the squeegee through. The squeegee is 20 inches long and works with all paintball barrels.

14" Two-Piece Barrel Bore .689 AZ Adjustable Clamping Feedneck Mass Flow Valve Rock Steady Regulator Single Trigger Frame Compression Bolt Inline On/Off Bottom ASA ZeRO System Compatible With HPA Only
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