In the market for a new plush, protective, microfiber lined gun case? Then you have come to the right place! Here is the all new Exalt Marker Bag & Gun Case.

The Exalt Marker Bag & Gun Case is available in 2 different versions. You will be able to choose from the Classic or Modern sleeve profile options. Don’t be alarmed, there is an easy way to figure out which one you need for your marker. The Classic profile will be for nearly every autococker and pump gun. No need to worry about removing your barrel, ASA, pump arm or any pneumatics, this sleeve is cut specifically to fit those aspects of your pump or autococker marker. Don’t have a pump or autococker, not to worry, Exalt still has you covered. The Modern profile fits just that, the more modern gun styles. This includes, Planet Eclipse guns, Bob Long guns, Empire guns, Luxe, SP/GoG guns, Dye guns, Dangerous Power gun, to cover a few… You name it, it will likely fit! Again, no need to remove your barrel, ASA or feed neck, the Modern profile covers it all!

Speaking of coverage, you might wonder how the Exalt Marker Bag & Gun Case will protect your marker from all the other gear in your bag. As we said before, this new Exalt Marker Bag & Gun Case is very plush, yet extremely low profile. The entire sleeve is lined with an absolutely decadent microfiber that will protect your marker from the carnage going on inside your gear bag during travel.

To make this Exalt Marker Bag & Gun Case even better, the zippers are placed in such a genius way that it allows you to place the sleeve over your marker even if the tank and hopper are attached! This feature alone makes it one of the most user friendly and lazy-proof gun cases available.

The Exalt Marker Bag & Gun Case is a no brainer and a must have for any paintball player worried about their pride and joy getting bumped and bruised on the way to or from the field. Don’t let your gear bag destroy your baby, get the Exalt Marker Bag & Gun Case now!
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