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This is a Limited Edition Style which will never be run again. Limited to 100 pieces world wide.

Style and exclusivity meets performance and function. Bunkerkings has been an early pioneer in the modern paintball era and continues that trend with the all new LTD 4-Point Strap & Headband combination series.

About the 4-Point Strap

The Bunkerkings 4-point strap provides four points of adjustment across the back of your head ensuring a perfect fit no matter the size of your noggin or how much head gear you're wearing. For too long, players have been forced to fidget with their goggle strap to get it in exactly the right position on the back of the head. High strap, low strap, now you can have it all and adjust the strap exactly how it fits your head.

The 4-Point Strap design the perfect complement for a headband. One strap above the knot, one strap below the knot. No more high strappers. No more gappers. Look good, feel good. Kill good. Every time.

Run, dive, or just stand there adjusting your headgear posing for the photographer. The 4-pt strap will lock your goggle securely into place without unnecessary bulk by integrating everything into a single strap. Focus on making kills while looking good in the process.

About the design, from the designer:

You are dripping with purple chocolate royalty. A lavender BK Coronation pattern accents a brown BK Royal Crown pattern base. Revenge is sweet.

This is a Limited Edition Style which will never be run again.

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