Bunkerkings Fly2 Pack Paintball Harness - 4+7 - Royal Teal

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Fly2 Bunkerkings pack just got a performance and style upgrade. New to the Fly2 pack is an integrated zipper pouch on the backside of the pack that you can store anything from your wallet, keys, and phone, ID card, or even an ice pack to chill your paint. And the new Designer Edition styles will keep you looking unique every time you step on the field. Don't hesitate to add a second or third Fly2 pack to your collection to keep your look fresh every time you step on the field!

With its lightning speed one handed load and unload the Fly2 Pack simple enough for anyone to load like a pro. The patented pod holding technology makes you able to load any size pod with no adjustments needed. The belt is the is the perfect combination of comfort and stability with a friction foam pad and a four way lock down system. It also has the strongest Velcro available which will hold your harness and pods securely as you slide in to the next bunker.


Faster to pull your pods.

Faster to load up your pack before the game.

Easier to reinsert your empties during the game.

Rear zipper storage pocket for ID card, wallet, keys, phone, or even an ice pack to chill your paint.

Works with all pods sizes - no adjustment needed.

Run faster without a bulky pack bouncing on your back.

Stays in place without sliding around.

Extremely comfortable and secure feeling.

Holds pods in securely when standing, crouching, crawling, running or diving.


The BK Fly2 pack improves your playing comfort, offers superior pod retention and less bouncing around as you run. Now you can pull and reinsert pods in supreme comfort and style.


The belt and back support are designed to create maximum comfort and prevent your pack from bouncing as you run down the field. Friction padding combine with an advanced elastic attachment system to fit you no matter your body type.


No matter your style preference, whether you prefer loud and flashy, subdued and low key, or if you prefer to hide in the woods. Bunkerkings is the supreme of paintball style and fashion


The BK Fly2 Pack is designed to hold on to your paint more securely so you don

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