Empire Paintball has been making some of the best paintball gloves on the market. Over the years, Empire paintball gloves continue to reinvent themselves and cater to all types of paintball players. At this time, Empire Paintball gloves come in three main styles each year. The Empire Freedom Paintball gloves are a very affordable set of cut finger gloves. This allows you to get a good grip on your gun and a good feel for your trigger. The Empire Freedom gloves are most commonly used by tournament paintballers.

The Middle line of Empire paintball gloves are the Empire Contact Gloves. These are full finger gloves with great padding and durable materials. The palms and fingers of the Empire contact gloves use reinforced Kevlar to keep you protected at all times. The gloves are all jointed so you can easily move and bend your fingers.

The pride and joy of the Empire Paintball Glove line are the LTD series gloves. The Empire Contact LTD gloves are very similar to the standard Contact gloves. The bid difference is that two of the fingers on the gloves have been removed so your hands will still be protected while you can get a good grip on your trigger.

Choose the pair of Empire Paintball Gloves that best suite your needs.