Condor 3-Point Ultimate Rifle Sling

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The Three-Point Ultimate Rifle Sling from Condor Outdoor Products, Inc. makes it easy to carry, transport and access a variety of rifle makes and models. The sling delivers complete security and control of the rifle and functions with a variety of different types of rifles. Its simple design makes it easy to install or remove, and the adjustable strap can be lengthened or shortened to fit most wearers. The sling is made of a heavy-duty material that is weather-resistant and non-abrasive for comfortable year-round use. The versatile construction of the Three-Point Ultimate Rifle Sling allows for a variety of carrying styles to suit the wearer. Wear the rifle across the chest or across the back with the same sling. Quickly access the rifle regardless of the carrying style, without having to disconnect or remove the sling. Please see additional photos for detailed Three-Point Sling instructions on how to attach it to a standard rifle. Multiple attachment adapters 1.5
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