Dangerous Power Fusion Elite Ultimate Paintball Gun Package Kit

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Dangerous Power Fusion Elite Kit

Dangerous Power Fusion Elite Features

Fusion Elite Body
Fusion Elite 3D Milled Aluminum, housing the Core, Bolt, Solenoid, and LPR with high precision milling
Smooth Fade Polish from bolt housing to Ram Housing
Includes 3rd Generation RAPS ASA & DP Clamping Feedneck
Slim weighted profile at the rear and wide light profile in the front
Includes two-piece 13” barrel kit, bore size of .689
Operates at 130PSI @ 290FPS
Overall weight with Battery - 1.875lbs

Full-Pneumatic Fusion System
Elite Ram is controlled solely by a new reengineered 3-way Solenoid
3-Component Fusion Elite poppet style valve system, Ram, Valve-pin, and composite core- all of which are easy to maintain & rebuild
Highly Efficient Solenoid for the Elite’s Valve System & designed for rebuilding with ease

Fusion Low-Pressure Regulator
The Secondary regulator for the Fusion Elite, regulating pressure from the OPR and directly charging the Solenoid
Precise Controller for the Elite’s Solenoid Operation & Ram Drive, minimizing deviation in Velocity, Bolt Return & Barrel Rise to improve the quality of the Elite’s shot
OLED Board may be used for fine Tuning to improve the LPR’s Performance

Reengineered Low operating Solenoid
Low operating solenoid charged by Fusion Elite LPR, precise delivery and adjustability
Highly efficient compact FE Solenoid, driving the FE System at lower operating pressure
User-friendly and easily maintainable, consisting of only five O-Rings on the piston

Fusion In-Line Pressure Frame
Enlarged Grip and Trigger Guard
Forward milled frame with reinforced Window Grip cover
Reinforces connecting points at the body and eye plates (rear and midsection)

Fusion Elite Trigger
Angled Break-away Archon Trigger with space adjustments for fine tuning magnetic attraction
Spring-assisted trigger return for a smooth-return transition
Dual-bearing Trigger supported by cone-point adjustment screws to significantly reduce side-play

Fusion Elite OLED Motherboard with Profiler-Chip
Full Pneumatic control over the Solenoid Timing & Bolt/Ram Return (Synergistic with LPR) & other marker set points
Programmable OLED with multiple Profiles, including profiles which comply with major tournament regulations
Elite Board includes transferrable Profiler Chip, extreme ease when transferring profile settings among other Elites

Includes carrying case, repair kit, lubricant, O-rings, ball detents, hex-key set, barrel cover, Owner’s Manual, & a quick-tuning guide
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Dangerous Power Fusion Elite

The Fusion Elite is one of the slimmest and lightest guns on the market thanks to extensive 3D milling. This gun weighs in just under 1.9lbs! The Fusion Elite is the Flagship marker offering from Dangerous Power and comes standard with many high-end features. Features include a 2-piece 14” barrel, clamping feed neck, On/Off RAPS ASA, dual-bearing trigger, OLED Board, hose-less design, and ultra-low 130psi operating pressure. The barrel bore included with the Fusion Elite is .689 and is Autococker threaded. This gun is a high-end marker and can only run off Compressed Air tanks. Included with the marker is a carrying case, repair kit, lubricant, spare o-rings, ball detents, a hex-key set, barrel cover, owner’s manual and quick tuning guide.

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JT Proflex X Paintball Mask

The JT Proflex is one of the most popular and comfortable goggle systems in the world. The Proflex has been around for many years and has been used by beginners and pros. The Proflex X takes the same comfort and clarity from the Proflex but in an all-new frame that allows for easy and quick lens changes. The Proflex X can take any Spectra style lens. These goggles are also great for players who wear glasses under their mask.

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Dye LTR Loader

Dye's LT-R is the latest addition to Dyes family of innovative loaders. The LT-R fuses top-notch functionality with mind-blowing feed rates and reliability. A simple push of a button allows for the LT-R to be opened for quick and easy cleaning. An anti-jam trigger is located under the loader and can clear jams with a quick pull. The Dye LT-R weighs in at just over 1.0lbs and has a capacity of 200 .68 caliber paintballs. The LT-R is an electronic loader that takes 3 AA batteries to operate (Batteries not included). The LT-R also features a simple one button on/off.

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Empire Mega Lite Compressed Air Tank

Empire's Mega Lite compressed air tank is a lightweight carbon fiber high pressured air tank. This tank is DOT & TC stamped good for use and refilling in the US & Canada. The rebuildable regulator is constructed of aluminum and features dual burst disks for safety. This tank has an output pressure of 800 psi and is not adjustable. Compressed air provides consistent velocity, higher performance and improved accuracy over CO2. This tank has a five-year hydro test date requirement over a 15 year lifespan. All Compressed Air tanks are empty when shipped.

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Ans Single Flex Swab Squeegee

Anyone who plays paintball knows that ball breaks can occur Randomly leaving your barrel filled with paint and paint shell pieces. Featuring a thick swab on both ends, the ANS Flex Swabs fills the inner diameter of your barrel reaching every crevice. Its super absorbent material leaves no paint or residue behind. The flexible material under the swab makes it easier to carry it in your pocket so you can have access to it on the field.

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