Dangerous Power G5 Spec-R Contender Paintball Gun Package Kit

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Dangerous Power G5 Spec-R Paintball Gun

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Dangerous Power G5 Spec-R Paintball Gun

The G5 Spec-R takes the G5 platform and upgrades it right from the factory. By doing so, the manufacturer can offer a modified gun at a much lower cost than buying the parts and upgrading separately. Standard features on the G5 Spec-R include a 2-Piece 14” barrel, OLED board w/ multiple firing modes, new & refined trigger, on/off ASA and clamping feed neck. The firing modes included are: Semi, Burst, Reactive, Auto, Ramp, PSP3, NXL, Millennium. The OLED screen displays the boards settings and can be controlled by buttons on the back of the trigger frame. The G5 Spec-R uses a .689 size barrel back which is perfect for shooting all .68 caliber paintballs and is the industry standard. A 9 Volt battery powers the G5 Spec-R but is not included. This gun is capable of shooting at very high rates of fire and it is strongly recommended to use an electronic loader to achieve maximum performance. Any electronic loader will work with the G5 Spec-R.

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Dye LTR Loader

Dye's LT-R is the latest addition to Dyes family of innovative loaders. The LT-R fuses top-notch functionality with mind-blowing feed rates and reliability. A simple push of a button allows for the LT-R to be opened for quick and easy cleaning. An anti-jam trigger is located under the loader and can clear jams with a quick pull. The Dye LT-R weighs in at just over 1.0lbs and has a capacity of 200 .68 caliber paintballs. The LT-R is an electronic loader that takes 3 AA batteries to operate (Batteries not included). The LT-R also features a simple one button on/off.

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Empire Mega Lite Compressed Air Tank

Empire's Mega Lite compressed air tank is a lightweight carbon fiber high pressured air tank. This tank is DOT & TC stamped good for use and refilling in the US & Canada. The rebuildable regulator is constructed of aluminum and features dual burst disks for safety. This tank has an output pressure of 800 psi and is not adjustable. Compressed air provides consistent velocity, higher performance and improved accuracy over CO2. This tank has a five-year hydro test date requirement over a 15 year lifespan. All Compressed Air tanks are empty when shipped.

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Ans Single Flex Swab Squeegee

Anyone who plays paintball knows that ball breaks can occur Randomly leaving your barrel filled with paint and paint shell pieces. Featuring a thick swab on both ends, the ANS Flex Swabs fills the inner diameter of your barrel reaching every crevice. Its super absorbent material leaves no paint or residue behind. The flexible material under the swab makes it easier to carry it in your pocket so you can have access to it on the field.

Two Piece Micro Honed 14” Barrel Kit OLED Pofiler board with full programmable marker setpoints Lightweight Structural Frame and Body (1.89lbs with Barrel and Battery) Full Metal Polish Finish New and Refined Milled Trigger Enlarged Grip Frame with OLED Cover Display Hose free inline regulator design O-Ring less design with innovative and highly efficient Dump-Valve system Patented II Generation Clamping Feedneck System and Hose-less RAPSTM ASA Low pressure operating (170PSI/280FPS)
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