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When it comes to making paintball DVD's Derder has it covered. To bring you the Derder Paintball DVDs, they have spent years in mud, rain, cold and extreme heat. We get hit just like you and in order to get the best film coverage we have to take the welts. That is why Derder Paintball DVDs are first class.

Derder Paintball was started over five years ago by Rob and Matt who made their debut release 300fps with a stolen camera, broken computer, and cash from a loan shark in Tijuana. They hitchhiked and borrowed rides across the country to film “300fps” sleeping in barns, on street corners, and shitty hotels like the Wild Wild West in Las Vegas. Luckily 300fps was a smash hit and money began to rain down on Rob and Matt. They decided that it was time they went in search of some co-workers willing to join the crew. Derder Paintball DVDs give you a view on how tournament paintball really is.

Rob immediately thought of Adam, the gullible bassist from OneSideRed, a band in 300fps. Adam had already signed over the rights to a OSR song over a cheap bottle of wine and a big hug, so Rob figured he would make a great workhorse for derder. Adam joined the derder team and quickly grew annoyed that he was doing all the work while Matt and Rob played 5 hours of “Halo 2″ a day.

Adam soon demanded that Derder hire his friend Brandon. Not only was Brandon a part-time underwear model, but he also knew his way around a computer pretty well. Brandon joined the team and went to work as the residential computer guru and verbal whipping post. Derder Paintball DVDs is now ready to hit the mainstream paintball community and really take off.

As time went on the team of “ballcam guys” traveled the world bring you such classics as Roadkill, Obscure Influence, and Natural Selection. Our team has fatefully lost our founding member Matt, whom we’ll all miss. Matt has gone on to better things fulfilling his dream on Alpaca Raising on the shores of Australia.

Overall, Derder Paintball DVDs are the best to ever hit the market. Go Derder or go home.

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