Dye 2011 Tactical Mod Top - DyeCam XL (ZYX-1638)

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The Dye Mod Top is based on a proven military design. We’ve added our own unique advancements to help expand the performance of this garment specifically for the paintball player. The Mod Top is a combat-specific garment, designed to be worn under a tactical vest or assault style vest. The main body section of the Mod Top helps keep you cool and is made with lightweight, wicking, high-performance fabric and reinforced with ripstop sleeves. The Dye Mod Top features a zip collar the allows the player easy donning and doffing while keeping buckles, clips and straps off of your neck. The sleeves feature 45º angle pockets for easy access during play and large circumference cuffs, allowing you to put on the Mod Top while wearing padding.
45º angled shoulder pockets for easy access while in the field. Padded high collar neck with half zip. Offers protection and breathability. Made from injection molded rubber our patented* Dyetack™ on the chest panel helps to stabilize air tank or gun stock from excessive moving while firing during intense battles. Large size cuffs allow easy donning and doffing of ModTop while wearing protective gear underneath. Unique stretch-flex material around shoulder blade areas allow maximum movement with minimal restriction. Vented chest and back panel provides maximum ventilation during play or while wearing a tactical vest.

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