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Dye Alpha Pods

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Transparent So You Can See If Your Pod Is Full

Dye Alpha pods are constructed out of a durable and semi translucent material. The translucent color allows you to quickly see if you have a full or empty. The plastic is also a bit softer than most other pods on the market and has a little bit of flexibility. The flex makes direct paintball impacts less likely to shatter, break or crack your pod.

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150 Round High Capacity

Traditional paintball pods hold 140, 68 caliber paintballs. They Dye Alpha pods however, hold a total of 150 paintballs while only slightly increasing the size of the actual pod. This means less reloading during heated battles.

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Thumb Flick Lid

A good lid design is vital on a paintball pod and the Dye pod lids are exceptional. The lid thumb tab is recessed by the raised side walls of the pod so your pod doesn't unintentionally open when playing. The design also gives you a great thumb groove that helps you blindly find the tab if you are not looking directly at the pod.

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Spring Assisted Lid

You just need a quick flick of your thumb and the pod will do the rest. The spring assisted lid has just the right amount of tension to keep your pod from accidentally opening while playing and quickly and fully staying open when you open the lid.

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Rounded Bottom

The Alpha Pod was engineered to hold more paint than other pods while keeping usability and functionality as a top priority. The radiused bottom of the pod allows it to easily fit back into your pod pack while it is still being worn. Everyone know how tricky it can be to get center back pods back into their holsters.

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Compatible With All Paintball Harnesses

Dye Alpha Pods are designed to be compatible with almost all brands of paintball harnesses on the market. The only way your harness will not work with these pods is if you are using a 100 round pod hip pack. Otherwise, these pods work with paintball harnesses from all brands including Dye, HK Army, Planet Eclipse, Tippmann, Empire, Gi Sportz, Pinokio, Valken, Warrior, & Gen X Global.

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