Dye Rotor R2 Quick Feed Lid - Bright Green

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Dye Rotor R2 Speed Feed

The Rotor R2 Quick Feed system is an Industry first design, making installation quick and simple. We utilize a highly intuitive Quick Release Lid design that allows for effortless changes between traditional lids and your R2 Quick Feed. Featuring a built in living hinge system, that makes sure that your Rotor R2 quick feed always feeds paint in but doesn’t let paint out. The R2 Quick Feed arms, are made of our co-molded proprietary dual density material, have magnets in them that hold the arms in place. The R2 Quick Feed System also allows the ability to open the quick feed like a traditional lid to gain access to the interior of your hopper.

The R2 Quick Feed system is the ultimate answer for those looking for the best way to reload and stay in the game.
Co-Molded Magnet Technology Dual Density, Co-Molded Proprietary Materials Quick Release Lid 15% Larger Lid Opening R2 Compatible Dye Authentic Replacement Part Patent Pending
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