Empire Action Pack Hex FT Paintball Harness - 4+7 - Tan (ZYX-2794)

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Durable, form-fitting and built to last, the Empire Hex FT Action Pack paintball harness can carry all the paint you need to get you through anything from quick points inside the net to long hours spent creeping in the brush. A no-slip lumbar pad keeps this pack exactly where you put it. Four pods are plenty for quick points or playing up front in the snake, but for longer games or woodsball events, get a big tank and haul 11 pods out there!
Securely holds between 4-11 pods Non-Slip hex lumbar pad Medical-grade Velcro™ for the maximum hold and ultimate durability Flexible neoprene belt for minimum restriction Heavy duty stitching One size fits most Available in Black, Blue, Red, Green & Tan

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