Empire Axe/Mini Redline OLED Board & Foregrip - Dust Black

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Empire Axe/Mini Redline OLED

Kee Action Sports brings you the new Empire Redline Pro Grip for the Axe and Mini. Proven out on speedball field by our Axe Men - Infamous, XSV, Legend and Vendetta, the Empire Redline offers a fully customizable board in a new foregrip with OLED screen and joystick activation. Upgraded hardware and tons of new software features will rev your Axe or Mini to a higher level with the Empire Redline board.

Upgrade Board and Foregrip Customizable Marker Board Redline OLED Screen Empire Redline Grip Joystick Interface Utilizes Nano-Watt Technology Extremely Low, Power Management Up to 16 Million Operations per Second Interrupt based Processes for Fastest Response Tournament tested by XSV, Infamous, Legend and Vendetta Fits Axe and Mini markers Adjustable Software Features for the Empire Redline Foregrip Three Custom Player Configurations 8 Fire Modes – Semi, Ramp, Burst, NXL Auto, PSP Burst, PSP Ramp, Millenium, NPPL Semi Battery Level Indicator Trigger Pull Indicator Game Timer Peak and Average Rates of Fire Shot Counter Eyes On/Off Rate of Fire (with Eyes On or OFF) Dwell Time Trigger Pull De-bounce Trigger Release De-bounce Ball In Place Time Anti-Bolt Stick Wait Time Anti-Bolt Stick Dwell Time Ramp Shot Start Quantity Ramp Trigger Pull Sustain Quantity Ramp Reset Time Game Timer Audio Alarm Forced Shot Dwell Lock Screen Brightness Screen Dim Control
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