Gun Upgrades & Acc.

As you can see we have a huge selection of paintball upgrades for every brand of paintball gun. Choose the paintball gun upgrades you need in order to get your gun shooting up to its full potential!

Choose your brand and get some great paintball gun upgrades to trick it out. Here is a list of some of the most popular paintball gun upgrades on the market. They do not apply to all guns but this will give you some great ideas.

Paintball Gun Upgrades - BOARDS - When you think about good paintball gun upgrades, the first thing that comes to mind is an upgraded board. This is one of the first paintball upgrades paintball players choose because when you install an upgraded board, you will get your gun shooting at the highest rates of fire. Also, upgrade paintball gun boards have a great amount of adjust-ability so you can easily change modes and settings.

Paintball Gun Upgrades - BOLTS - When you install an upgraded paintball bolt into your gun you can expect a few different changes. Most of the bolts will quiet down your paintball gun since it seals better seal in the breech and tends to have different air hole patterns in place.

Another difference between the stock bolt and a paintball upgrade bolt will be the efficiency. Aftermarket bolts tend to increase efficiency and increase the amount of shots your paintball gun will shoot off one tank of air.

The last main difference of a paintball upgrade bolt is the accuracy of your gun. When air is displaced evenly through the bolt, you paintball gun will fire each shot with an even amount of air all around the ball. This will help give you ball on ball accuracy.

Paintball Gun Upgrades - EYES - There is a great selection of upgrade paintball eyes available for most paintball guns. Most people like to grab a set of laser eyes so they can tell if the eye diodes on their eyes are dirty or need cleaning. On most paintball guns laser eyes do not upgrade the performance of the gun.

Paintball Gun Upgrades - FEED NECKS - If your gun does not have a good quality paintball feed neck then this is a must have upgrade. A good quality paintball clamping feed neck will securely hold your loader in place and keep it from moving around during play. When you unlock the clamp your feed neck will easily pull right out of your paintball gun.

Paintball Gun Upgrades - GRIPS - Paintball upgrade grips are less common now since most paintball guns come with a comfortable set of grips on the gun. The main reason people upgrade the grips on their gun is for customization purposes. SPD is the most popular paintball upgrade grip manufacturer and has over 10,000 different styles for you to pick and make your gun one of a kind.

Paintball Gun Upgrades - REGULATORS - A new regulator is a pretty common paintball gun upgrade that controls the air pressure going into your gun. Most guns come with a stock regulator that tends to work fairly well and allow a consistent flow of air pressure into the gun. When you buy a paintball upgrade regulator you can expect a more consistent output which means your gun will be shooting more accurately than ever.

Paintball Gun Upgrades - TRIGGERS - A good paintball upgrade trigger is usually the first upgrade that players get for their paintball gun. Aftermarket triggers range in price from $15 all the way up to $50 and come in a variety of different colors and styles.

Paintball Gun Upgrades - OTHERS - On top of all the main paintball gun upgrades listed above, you will find specialized upgrades for your paintball gun. As new guns are released, aftermarket part manufacturers find specific pieces on each paintball gun and design parts that are better performing than the stock ones. Check out all of our parts categories for your paintball gun and see what we have to offer.