Empire Battle Tested D*Fender Paintball Gun - Black

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Product Description

The Empire Battle Tested D*Fender Paintball Gun is a high-performance paintball gun with an integrated loader crafted out of lightweight magnesium shells for increased strength. Break beam eyes are mounted in the breech to prevent ball chops and a selector switch enables five different firing modes. Semi-Auto, Burst, Ramping, Full-Auto, and Select Fire.

Other Empire Battle Tested D*Fender features;

  • On/Off regulator with an easy-to-mount T-Slot rail.
  • Smooth programmable bearing trigger with 3-way adjustment.
  • Removable side Picatinny rails
  • Top Picatinny rails for accessories.


  • An inline pressure-controlled poppet firing engine offers accurate fire and smooth shooting.
  • Proven Z2 loader performance with auto anti-jam. The loader activates upon trigger pull, so constant feeding is guaranteed.
  • Capable of firing 20bps with continuous loading.
  • Self-calibrating loader speed sensor.
  • Toolless design for basic maintenance and battery changes.
  • Battery level indicator.
  • 6 AA battery operation for all electronics.

Included Items;

  • Includes both a standard magnetic lid and speed feed lid.
  • Ported and aluminum barrel with three Super Freak inserts (.680, .685, .690).
  • Additional Super Freak Apex2 barrel that creates shots that curve onto targets.
  • Multi-position sling adapter for those long treks to the battlefield.
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