Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask - LE Zebra w/ Ninja & Clear Lenses

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The Empire e-Flex comes with the proven Vents quick change lens system and thermo-foam ear pieces from the E-Vent paintball mask and mated it with the flexible skirt of the ProFlex with a little touch of comfy Spectra foam.

The Vents lens removes in seconds and the clear, dual-pane design provides maximum viewing angle and visual clarity while the comfortable ProFlex foam assures the most satisfying fit.

The ultra soft and flexible ProFlex style skirt offers excellent breathability and voice projection and has been tweaked to produce a smaller profile. The Empire e-Flex Goggle provides you with maximum comfort, super light weight, superior optics and excellent protection...simply put, BEST IN CLASS!

Vents lens system for rapid lens exchanges without the need for tools Thermal, anti-fog, dual-pane clear lens with zero optical distortion and 270-degree view Hypo-allergenic super-comfy Spectra ProFlex face foam New e-Flex thermo-foam ear pieces allow you to hear everything around you Ultra soft and flexible face skirt offers excellent breathability and voice projection Reduced silhouette compared to the ProFlex for fewer hits Silicone bead to keep the pro style Empire strap in place Simply - one of the BEST goggles available SE Model has Smoke lens and grey strap
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