Exalt V3 Universal Feedgate - Red

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Exalt Universal Feedgate

Exalt V3 Universal Feedgate
Soft flexible feedgate paddles allow paint to enter the loader quickly eliminating the need to open and close a lid. One direction design keeps paint in your loader when making a hard dive into a key field position. Stain resistant, durable material makes the Exalt Feedgate a great choice that other brands just can’t match. V3 Changes: Increased Durability - New Plastic Material New Colorways - With Matching Color Logos Improved Fit - On Tippmann Low Profile Loaders Lower Profile Lip - Easier to Load Tall Loaders Fits: Halo B/Too Reloader B/B2 Magna BT Loaders A5 Loaders Pinokio Revolution Overdrive Fasta Limited Lifetime Warranty
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