Fantasy Paintball

The official Beta Fantasy Paintball League is up and running through for the 2013 PSP Paintball world cup event. Now you can draft your team of 8 players from the entire list of pros competing at the 2013 World Cup event. With a $25,000 Salary cap, you have to choose your players wisely and keep your team within budget. 

Fantasy Paintball scoring and point are as follow:

As the event progresses, your players will earn, and sometimes lose, points based on their performance on the field in each match they play through the Finals.

  • Confirmed Kill: +100
  • Play a Point that is Won: +100
  • Finish Point Alive: +100
  • Eliminated on the break: -100
  • Receive a Minor Penalty: -200
  • Receive a Major or Gross Penalty: -400
 Sign up your Fantasy Paintball team HERE at

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