First Strike Guerrilla 1,000 Round Paintballs - Yellow Fill ( .68 Caliber )

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First Strike Guerrilla Paintballs

First Strike's Guerrilla paint is designed specifically for magfed players in mind. Guerrilla flies straighter than the competition's paint and breaks with a bright but non-staining fill that is hard to wipe but easy to clean. These roundballs are designed to have a tougher shell but will still break on your intended target. Formulated with the latest gelatin technology, Guerrilla paint is best suited for magfed play or someone looking for a more robust roundball.

All paintballs are fresh and arrive on a weekly basis. All cases of paint are opened before shipment to ensure that there are no broken paintballs. Once the package has been inspected then it will be re-taped and initialed to verify that it has been checked. All cases of paint are then wrapped in a bubble wrap and placed in a box surrounded by packing paper. Sorry but there are no returns on paintballs that are shipped out. We take every precaution to get you your paint in the best condition and in the shortest time.

*NOTE* If the shell/fill color selected is not available then we will substitute your order with a color that is available. If you need a specific shell/fill color then please call us direct for availability. *NOTE*

Accuracy: 7 Consistency: 8 Fill Thickness: 7 Shell Thickness: 8
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