Full Skid - HK Army Glow In The Dark Paintballs - ( .68 Caliber ) - 160 Cases (320,000 Paintballs)

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Introducing the future of nighttime paintball action: HK Army Glow In The Dark Paintballs! At HK Army, we're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of paintball excitement, and our Glow In The Dark Paintballs are a testament to our commitment to innovation.

These Glow In The Dark paintballs are engineered to deliver an unmatched thrill under the cover of darkness. When charged with a light source or UV lights, Glow In the Dark Paintballs absorb and store that radiant energy, creating an epic glow effect as they soar through the night sky after being fired from your paintball marker. But the epicness doesn't stop there! Upon impact, these Glow In The Dark paintballs burst open, releasing vibrant, glowing paint that continues to illuminate the hit target, leaving your target glowing and showing the hit. Whether you're a seasoned paintball pro or a newcomer to the game, HK Army's Glow In The Dark Paintballs will take your nighttime paintball games to a whole new level!


  • Glow In The Dark Supreme Grade Paintballs with Glow Fill
  • See Light Charged Glowing Paintballs Fly Through The Night Sky
  • Excellent Tournament Level Ball. Also great for speedball practice, recreational games and big games.
  • Round Precision Shell (Clear Shell To Show Glowing Fill)
  • Accurate flight
  • Eco-friendly and Non Toxic
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