GELSTRIKE Delta Rapid Blaster - Crush

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GELSTRIKE Rapid Blaster

Perfect for all ages, the GelStrike Delta Blaster delivers hours of mess-free fun with an unparalleled, kid-friendly battle experience. Gel Balls are water-based and biodegradable pellets that dissolve on have fun blasting away in full-auto without any cleanup!

Kid-Friendly, Parent-Approved Gel Rapid Blaster Recoil Stabilizing Ergonomic Grips Versatile Combat Rails with Scope/Laser Attachment Full-Auto Strike Trigger Hyper-Range Extender Rapid charging USB Capability QuickCycle Internal Chamber Comes with: Detachable laser sight Detachable range extender 2x Hoppers W/ Feednecks That Hold 500+ Rounds 1x Pack of Orange Gel Balls (2,500 Rounds) USB Charger

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