GI Sportz Paintball Elbow Pads - Black/Red

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GI Sportz Elbow Pads

GI Sportz Paintball Elbow Pads protect those arms and elbows when you are diving and grinding to victory. GI Sportz Elbow Pads feature thick padding to cushion those landings, yet is engineered to still allow full freedom of movement. The stretch mesh back let your inner arms breath on those hot days. The bicep strap and integrated glove hold the pads in place for those tough crawls in the snake.
ULTRALIGHT CONSTRUCTION Made of the lightest material for the ultimate sporting performance. ADJUSTABLE ELASTIC STRAP Upper adjustable elastic strap prevents your elbow pads from sliding down. SILICONE INNER NON-SLIP BANDS Holds your arm pads in place during the rigors of game play. EVA 3D MOLDED ELBOW AND FOREARM PAD Custom molded EVA foam cups your elbowand forms around your forearm allowing more freedom, protection and comfort. 4-WAY STRETCH FABRIC The 4-way stretch fabric allows for a higher level comfort and flexibility. VENTED 4-WAY MESH BACK Allows for ventilation to help keep you cool in any playing climate. INTEGRATED GLOVE Sponge foam upper area and palm protection.
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