We have a great selection of Invert Paintball barrels. The Invert paintball company has been making some of the best paintball gear over the last five years and have done it again with their barrels. The Invert barrel currently comes in three different styles and is made for the majority of paintball guns. The most basic of the Invert barrels is the Whisper barrel which is blow the $40 price tag. The Invert Whisper barrel is a lightweight one piece design, which will improve the accuracy of any paintball gun. The middle of the Invert barrel lineup is the Twister series. The Invert Twister barrel is also a one piece barrel but is internally rifled. The rifling of paintball barrels has been loved by some and hated by others since the start of paintball. The pride and joy of the Invert Barrel line is the carbon fiber series barrels. The Invert carbon fiber barrel is very light weight and is one of the most accurate barrels in paintball. For the price and performance of the Invert Barrels, they cant be beat.
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